About Us

We are a Mom & Daughter power duo: Carmen & Stefania.

Growing up, my mom always poured so much love into every celebration she touched. Theme parties were ✨EVERYTHING✨ in our home, and no detail was too small to bring the party to life. When my sister and I moved away from home, my mother inspired us to celebrate all the little and big moments in our lives, it was our way to remember our home and our family.

Now that we’re together again, we are excited to help you add the special touch your celebration needs to make it one that you’ll cherish forever. 

We want to help you WOW your little ones with the best (and cutest) soft play equipment in the GTA, bringing you a curated selection of play items for rent that'll make your party POP!

Make sure you don't miss out on our special Holiday collections. Custom gift bundles for the little people in your heart 💖.